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For the tablet, see Mam'toth (object).

Image of Mam'toth
Gender Male
Race Loa
Status Deceased

Mam'toth was the Drakkari loa of mammoths. When he learnt of his worshipers' plans to sacrifice him to steal his power, he destroyed himself, his temple and all worshipers present, resulting in Mam'toth Crater.[1]

Moorabi was the high prophet of Mam'toth, who–despite Mam'toth having destroyed himself–drank of the loa's blood and gained some of his power in the hopes of defending Zul'Drak.[2]


High Prophet

Notes and trivia

  • Due to him having used his spirit to destroy his temple, there is no way for him to come back to life,[1] unlike other loa, whose spirits are eternal.[3][4]
  • His blood is alive and capable of moving around on its own.[5][6]
  • The  [Medallion of Mam'toth] has the power to soothe enraged mammoths.


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