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For the tablet, see Mam'toth (object).
Image of Mam'toth
Moorabi using the Avatar of Mam'toth.
Gender Male
Race Loa
Status Deceased
Head Sculpture of Mam'toth inside Gundrak.

Mam'toth was a Drakkari mammoth loa. When he learnt of his worshipers' plans to sacrifice him to steal his power, he destroyed himself, his temple and all worshipers present, resulting in Mam'toth Crater.[1] Due to him having used his spirit to destroy his temple, there is no way for him to come back to life,[1] unlike other loa, whose spirits are eternal.[2][3]

Moorabi was the high prophet of Mam'toth, who–despite Mam'toth having destroyed himself–drank of the loa's blood and gained some of his power in the hopes of defending Zul'Drak.[4]


High Prophet

Notes and trivia


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