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For the quest item, see  [Man'zul's Skull].
Image of Man'zul
Title <Stable Master>
Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Undead)
Level 110 - 120
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Goldtusk Gang, Voldunai
Location Goldtusk Inn, Vol'dun[43.6, 60]
Status Active
Man'zul's skull.

Man'zul is a member of the Goldtusk Gang at the Goldtusk Inn in Vol'dun. He was usually the brains behind the gang's thefts back in Zuldazar.[1] He is apparently quite bitter over his fate, insisting that the gang should have stuck to his plan. He wears a distinctive eyepatch that "twitches with magic" but which Rhan'ka considers to be uglier than a saurolisk's backside.[2]

Like most of the other Goldtusks, Man'zul initially appears to just be an inanimate skull that Rhan'ka talks to when adventurers arrive at the inn.[2] When Sandfury trolls attack the inn, Man'zul's skull is kidnapped and taken to the Sandfury Hideout (where it sits next to a bottle of grog) until Rhan'ka sends adventurers to get him back.[1] After adventurers are initiated into the Goldtusk Gang, they gain the ability to see the ghosts of the gang members.[3] Man'zul's ghost is seen floating in a corner at the back of the inn. He suggests that to better market the Goldtusk Gang, the inn should be adorned with a giant gold tusk. However, as he doesn't know where to find any gold tusks, Man'zul instead asks adventurers to retrieve a rib from the saurolisk Bloodcrest, which he carves to resemble a tusk and plants above the inn's entrance.[4]

While Man'zul's ghost bears a stable master title from the moment he becomes visible, he only begins offering the services of a stable master after completion of H [110 - 120] A Goldtusk Greeting.



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Gossip after H [110 - 120] Powerful Spirits
You got the power, but I got the brains.
We're a good team.
Vendor I'm looking for a lost companion.
Gossip I'd like to heal and revive my battle pets.


Inv misc bandage 15.png [Rope Pet Leash]

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