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Mana pool is a term which refers to a character's total amount of mana by mana points. Most characters who use mana strive to increase this amount though different mana-increasing factors, which usually makes "mana pool" the result - or sum - of these factors. A character's mana pool and base mana will be the same (have the same values) if the player isn't affected by any such factor.

For example, a level 60 character may have a mana pool of 6000, while a 85 character may have 100000. Albeit a large mana pool is useful to all classes using mana, it is considered especially important for healers. A large pool will allow the casting of several healing-spells before the healer is oom. In fact, a healer's ability to heal is often estimated from the mana pool, in a similar manner to how a tank's (role) ability to tank (action) is estimated from his/her health (although this is rather simplistic).

Affecting factors

A player's mana pool may increase or decrease depending on different factors / effects.

Comparison to regeneration

A character's "effective total mana" is not only decided by the mana pool, but also by the character's ability to regenerate mana (mana regeneration). For healers, this causes spirit to be a second important stat beside intellect. A large mana pool is however often considered more important than a powerful regeneration, possibly due to the fact that it's much easier to estimate a mana pool than the effective total mana based on regeneration. Mana regeneration was previously also "weaker" than the mana pool when the five second rule was in use.

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