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Image of Manapoof
Title Breanni's Companion,
Tizzy Gearjolt's Companion,
Radek Fuselock's Companion
Race Arcane elemental (Elemental)
Level 110 (Dalaran)
120 (Boralus/Dazar'alor)
Health 3,015 (Dalaran)
26,017 (Boralus/Dazar'alor)
Mana 266,554 (Dalaran)
295,105 (Boralus/Dazar'alor)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Dalaran[58.6, 39.6]
Boralus[50.1, 46.7]
Dazar'alor[56.2, 31.0]
Status Alive

Manapoof is a small arcane elemental that serves as a transporter for pet battle dungeons. There are three Manapoofs in total:

Manapoof offers teleportation to three locations: Wailing Caverns, Deadmines, and Gnomeregan. In order to unlock this service for a location, the player must gain a Manapoof Link by completing a quest related to that location's pet battle scenario.

Manapoof Link unlocks are account-wide, and apply to all of the Manapoofs.

Related quests


  • Need a lift?

<You feel like Manapoof is silently judging you.> Gossip Would you please send me to the Wailing Caverns?
Gossip Would you please send me to the Deadmines?
Gossip Would you please send me to Gnomeregan?
Gossip Would you please send me to Stratholme?

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