Mann's Man

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NeutralMann's Man
Hao Mann trapped in Greenstone Quarry

86 (Requires 85)




7g 40s


N [86] Trapped!


Hao Mann freed

Locate Hao Mann at the Greenstone Quarry.

  • Locate Hao Mann


<For once, the foreman lowers her voice.>

Look, this ain't easy... I got another favor to ask. My idiot husband, Hao, is a shift lead down at the quarry. I told him not to go back, that it was too dangerous, but he's as stubborn as a hozen and twice as stupid. Says the boys need him around for "moral support."

<Mann sneers.>

What about my moral support?! What am I gonna do if that idiot dies?!

Please... keep an eye out for him. Tell him to come home.

<Her eyes soften before she turns away.>


You will receive: 7g 40s


<Hao looks up at you, struggling to pull himself from the rubble.>

No, no. I got it. HNNGHHH!!

Okay, maybe I don't got it.


  • 83000 XP


Foreman Mann:

Normally we'd be more than capable of fulfilling Cho's request. Jade veins run through this land like...
<Mann scratches her head for a moment in thought.>
Well, like something that runs through something else in veins.
Look, I ain't a poet.
Point is: we got problems.

Pick up N [86] Calamity Jade before heading out. Exit to the south and head through the mason's quarter to reach the Greenstone Quarry. Head in:

Greenstone Miner says: Dang nibblers are tearin' the place down in there!

Further in is Hao Mann, trapped in some rocks:

Hao Mann says: Over here!

Turn in and pick up N [86] Trapped! before heading in further. Keep heading in, then start killing shale spiders and freeing miners.

A short ride away in the Woods of the Lost, N [86] The Sprites' Plight is also available.


Optional breadcrumb: A [86] In Search of Wisdom / H [86] Dawn's Blossom

  1. N [86] Welcome to Dawn's Blossom
  2. N [86] The Double Hozen Dare & N [86] Down Kitty!
  3. N [86] The Jade Witch
  4. N [86] All We Can Spare
  5. N [86] I Have No Jade And I Must Scream
  6. N [86] Mann's Man
  7. N [86] Trapped!
  8. N [86] What's Mined Is Yours
  9. N [86] The Serpent's Heart
  10. N [86] Love's Labor
  11. N [86] The Temple of the Jade Serpent
  12. Complete all of:
    1. N [86] The Librarian's Quandary
    2. N [86] Moth-Ridden & N [86] Pages of History
    3. N [86] Everything In Its Place
  13. N [86] The Jade Serpent

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