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Mantles of the Dawn

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NeutralMantles of the Dawn

60 (Requires 55)




Mantles of the Dawn was a quest to unlock resistance shoulder enchants from the Argent Dawn. This quest required revered reputation with the Argent Dawn before the three questgivers would offer the quest.

Quest givers


Bring 10 Argent Dawn Valor Tokens to <quest giver>.


Your service to the Argent Dawn is to be commended, <name>. You are truly revered amongst us. I have been authorized to make available for you to purchase one of the Dawn's most valued items - our magic resistance mantles.

Application of a mantle to your existing shoulder piece will enhance your resistance to the powers of magic in one of five potential ways. As a sign of continued dedication to our cause, I ask for no less than ten of our valor tokens in exchange for access to these mantles.


Ah, noble <class>! Have you brought the valor tokens requested of you? Once you hand them to me, I will make our various mantles available to you for purchase.


Outstanding - your tribute to the Dawn is duly noted, <name>. With this accomplished, I am delighted to make our mantles available to you for purchase. So long as you maintain your current status with us, these mantles will be purchasable from any authorized quartermaster of the Argent Dawn.

For the Dawn, my brother!



Upon completion, the following five enchantments were made available from any Argent Dawn quartermaster:

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