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Margrave Sin'dane

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Margrave Sin'dane
Image of Margrave Sin'dane
Gender Female
Race Lich (Undead)
Level 52-54 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) House of Rituals, The Jailer
Former affiliation(s) The Primus
Location Maldraxxus
Status Active

Margrave Sin'dane is a lich and the leader of the House of Rituals. She previously held the title of baron; a recording suggests she led a rebellion against the previous margrave and usurped him.[1]


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  1. ^ Image of Baron Sin'dane says: Greetings... <bzzzzt> to keep this message private. As you should also know by now, the battle against... <bzzzzt> ...did not go in our favor.
    Image of Baron Sin'dane says: How is Maldraxxus to stand when our forces have been routed once again? The Margrave has lost his mind, no longer will I... <bzzzzt> ...refuse to follow the lead of... <bzzzzt> ...and that is what has led me to this choice.
    Image of Baron Sin'dane says: We must end the foolishness of the Margrave, join with... <bzzzzt> ...and with your pledge of loyalty... <bzzzzt> ...we shall end this threat!

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