Marjani Flintwill

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NeutralMarjani Flintwill
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Title Captain
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Pirate
Affiliation(s) Blackwater Raiders
Occupation Captain of the Makemba
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Adashe, Akashinga, Amahle, Makasa (children)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Marjani Flintwill is a human pirate captain of the Makemba of the Blackwater Raiders's fleet. She is very capable with various weapons. At some point, she dueled with Reigol Valdread of the SI:7 on the Makemba[1] some time after the Second War.[2]

She had four children - Adashe, Akashinga, Amahle, and Makasa - each with different father, raising them all by herself on the Makemba that operated out of Booty Bay. She was tough on them, especially on Makasa as she saw herself in her youngest, teaching them the life of a pirate. She also told Makasa tales about the SI:7 agents.[3] She was capable of tenderness and kindness but only after a good day. She believed that Makasa could one day rule the Blackwater Raiders. Marjani agreed with Blackwater's rule not to kill other ships' crew, but not because of honor, but because of practicality that the ship could return to be plundered again.

Some time after the Cataclysm, her children were relocated to the Sea King. She gave no indication if it bothered her to lose them from her crew and said that she can always make new ones. Despite this, on their departure, she kissed them all and wished them good luck. This was the last time she would see any of them. Several weeks after this, the Sea King returned to Booty Bay and she would learn that the Flintwills brothers died and Makasa left.[4]


  • Reigol didn't know Marjani for long, but she left quite an impression. He thought of her as impulsive, strong, with a sharp tongue, and impatient.[5]


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As Makasa is said to have ancestors from Stromgarde, and was raised only by her mother, it is very likely that the ancestors are from Marjani's side of the family.