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  • Masquerade
  • You may disguise yourself as a nightborne while in Suramar City.

Masquerade is an ability learned as a reward for the quest N [110] Masquerade. It disguises the player as a nightborne, specifically Anarys Lunastre. Mounting up on the  [Arcanist's Manasaber] instantly grants the ability.


This ability is only usable in Suramar City. Whenever the player enters Suramar City, the Masquerade button appears on the extra action bar. When cast, it applies the nightborne disguise, making normally hostile Duskwatch city guards and demons neutral. Druid forms do not break the disguise, and in fact [Cat Form] will change to become a manasaber while [Travel Form] becomes an  [Arcanist's Manasaber].

This does not mean that the player can be careless, however. Some guards and demons, marked with a special icon above their heads, can see through illusions. If the player moves too close to one of these guards, a circle will appear around the NPC and they will cast a spell to remove illusions in the circle. If the player does not move out of the circle in time, the disguise will fall off and nearby guards and demons will become hostile.

The demon version of the spell covers a much larger area and is an instant dispel, making these ones particularly important to watch out for.

If Masquerade falls off, it can be reapplied anywhere in Suramar City when out of combat.

Most, though not all, emotes are usable when disguised as a nightborne. Emotes that are usable reuse night elf animations and voice acting.

Nightborne player characters start with this ability unlocked and the required quests already completed. However, they still need to apply Masquerade to avoid being attacked on sight by Duskwatch guards and demons in Suramar City.

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