Massive Anima Golem

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BossMassive Anima Golem
Image of Massive Anima Golem
Race Blood Golem (Mechanical)
Level 93 Elite
Health 34,890,960 - 104,672,880
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Throne of Thunder


  • Spell nature massteleport.png  Matter Swap Magic Effect Healer Alert — Dematrixes the target enemy's matter. When this effect is removed, the target swaps places with its most distant ally and Arcane damage equal to the target's maximum health is split between them. The portion of the total damage shifted to the target's ally increases each second.
  • Ability warrior bloodnova.png  Explosive Slam Tank Alert — The golem slams the ground, inflicting 97,500 to 102,500 (170-179K in Normal, 136-143K in 10-player Heroic, 268-282K in 25-player Heroic) Fire damage to enemies within 9 yards of his target. Enemies struck are seared, increasing the damage of subsequent Explosive Slams by 25% (50% in Normal/Heroic) for 25 sec.

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