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Master Angler Karu

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NeutralMaster Angler Karu
Image of Master Angler Karu
Title <The Anglers>
Gender Male
Race Tuskarr (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 393,000
Affiliation(s) Anglers
Location Golden Terrace, Shrine of Two Moons [61.2, 23.5]
Status Alive

Master Angler Karu is a representative of the Anglers sent to the Shrine of Two Moons to recruit Horde. He can be found on the lower level of the Golden Terrace.



Friend, have your journeys brought you to Krasarang recently?
It would be wise to venture there. The fish are as bountiful as the most fortunate harvest.
As my father said, the early fisherman gets the catch!
  • Gossip Where can I find the Anglers?
The Anglers Wharf in southeastern Krasarang Wilds is home to the most avid of all fishermen this side of Pandaria.
If you love the reward of a day spent with the great sea, I urge you to honor us with your presence.
  • Gossip If I help the Anglers, what's in it for me?
You seek...a reward?
Surely the joy of a successful catch is reward enough? The thrill of the open sea? The camaraderie that only a fishing pole can grant?
You have much to learn, <race>.
My opinion aside, there is much to be gained from the art of fishing.
You can improve your fishing skill. One day, you may purchase powerful fishing rods.
The most revered fishermen may receive access to a special fish pet, a water strider mount, and a fishing raft.

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