Master Nguyen

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NeutralMaster Nguyen
Image of Master Nguyen
Title <The Five Sorcerers>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Health 3,940,000
Location The Jade Forest
Status Alive

Master Nguyen is one of the five sorcerers that are found around Pandaria. According to Master Nguyen, the sorcerers have been wandering since the days of Lei Shen, passing the secrets of their order from generation to generation. He will not tell you what the secrets are and he does not know where the other sorcerers are as he no longer remembers. He says that they may very well be dead or may have been replaces by their pupils.

Also, he will always be found with the buff ((The Power of the Storm)) and have an air of electricity around him at all times.


  • <The Five Sorcerers> might be referencing to ancient eastern mythology where there are five guardians with four each representing the different elements and one representing the earth. Considering he can be found at Windspire Bridge and there being four major temples and his storm buff, this is be very plausible.

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