Master Snowdrift (tactics)

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For background, see Master Snowdrift.

BossMaster Snowdrift
Image of Master Snowdrift
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 89 - 92 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shado-pan Monastery
Status Defeatable

Master Snowdrift is the second boss in the Shado-Pan Monastery dungeon.


Adventure Guide

Master Snowdrift recognizes that the battles between the Horde and the Alliance have contributed to the monastery's dire state. Heroes seeking this wary pandaren's loyalty must first best his students. Only those who prevail can face Snowdrift himself, a paragon of martial arts who has dedicated his life to attaining perfection of body and mind.

Spells and Abilities

Stage 1: True Strength!

Master Snowdrift begins combat by using his fists and feet.

  • Inv weapon hand 30.png  Fists of Fury — Master Snowdrift strikes numerous times with his fists. Any player in front of Master Snowdrift receives Fire damage.
  • Spell nature earthbind.png  Tornado Kick — Master Snowdrift continuously spins and kicks out at all players within range. Players affected by Tornado Kick receive physical damage and are knocked back.

Stage 2: Spiritual Power!

Master Snowdrift harnesses and unleashes his Chi energy at the players.

  • Spell fire bluepyroblast.png  Ball of Fire — Master Snowdrift throws a barrage of chi at the players. Ball of Fire inflicts Fire damage to all players in its path.

Stage 3: I Can Do So Much More!

  • Spell nature earthbind.png  Tornado Smash — Master Snowdrift chases down one player at random. If Master Snowdrift cathes his target he grabs them, soars into the air, and slams them down to the ground, inflicting physical damage to the affected player.
  • Ability parry.png  Parry Stance Important — Master Snowdrift assumes an entirely defensive posture momentarily. Any attacks made against Master Snowdrift will miss and cause him to retaliate.
    • Spell holy fistofjustice.png  Quivering Palm — Master Snowdrift counters anyone striking him while in his Parry Stance state. Affected players are stunned momentarily and receive physical damage.
      • Spell holy fistofjustice.png  Unleash Vibrations — Master Snowdrift unleashes the vibrations caused by his Quivering Palm attack, inflicting 19000 to 21000 Physical damage to the target.
  • Ability heroicleap.png  Flying Kick — If the player that Master Snowdrift counter attacks is not within melee range he will fly through the air and kick them, inflicting physical damage.


Before the encounter begins, players will be attacked by waves of Shado-Pan Novices as they enter the room downstairs. The novices turn non-hostile at low health, so remember to switch targets each time you defeat one of them.

Once the gauntlet of novices is passed, two senior students enter the ring: Flying Snow and Fragrant Lotus. Watch out for Flying Snow's whirlwind attacks — as usual, everyone, including the tank, should run away from it. Fragrant Lotus summons damaging spheres that are also to be avoided, and an add, the Jade Staff.

As for the boss himself, there are three things to watch out for:

  • Fists of Fury is a series of melee punches that can bring a player down in split seconds, including the tank. He is immobile while channeling it, so just move out of the way.
  • The player he chases during Tornado Smash should run away from him.
  • When he enters Parry Stance, stop all damage: it is going to be reflected, even more fatally on ranged attackers.


Main article: Snowdrift's Possessions
Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Snowdrift's Bladed Staff]  [Snowdrift's Bladed Staff] Agility staff
 [Gauntlets of Resolute Fury]  [Gauntlets of Resolute Fury] Tank plate gloves
 [Quivering Heart Girdle]  [Quivering Heart Girdle] Spirit plate belt
 [Eye of the Tornado] Strength ring
 [Heart of Fire] Tank trinket

Related Achievements


You! You have allowed the Sha to reawaken all these years.
If you truly wish to undo what your kind have wrought upon our land you must first prove yourselves here in our school.
First, you will face our initiates...
Where one falls, another will rise to take its place.
You have much to learn if you wish to defend your people from the Sha initiate. Stand aside for your fellow students!
You have bested our most juniors of students. Now you will face two of my most senior.
Flying Snow! Fragrant Lotus! Step forward!
You have bested my prized students. Perhaps you can be of use to us after all...
As my master once said, "You cannot truly know someone until you fight them."
Come forward, so I that we may be properly introduced.
Very well then, outsider. Let us see your true strength.
Phase 2
Skill with a weapon is but a physical manifestation of one's martial strength. Let me show you what spiritual power is!
Phase 3
When I was but a cub I could scarcely throw a punch, but after years of training I can do so much more!
Killing a player
  • You need more training.
  • Your technique needs work.
Unused quotes
  • Hold nothing back, for I will not!
  • I... am bested. Give me a moment, and we will venture together to face the Sha.


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