Master Windfur

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NeutralMaster Windfur
Image of Master Windfur
Title <Mayor of Dawn's Blossom>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 86 Elite
Health 368,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Dawn's Blossom, Jade Forest [48.5, 44.5]
Relative(s) An Windfur

Master Windfur is the pandaren mayor of the town of Dawn's Blossom in the Jade Forest.



  • Wind is better bent, than broken. ...get it? I made a funny.
  • I am curious, in your homeland, is there ever peace?
  • The art of the Windfur Punch has been handed down from generation to generation in my family since the dark days.
    It is said this punch was first attempted during the dark days of the mogu empire, and aided in earning pandaren their freedom.
  • And how have you been enjoying our land? Have you been learning?
  • Word of your travels has reached me. You ride on the winds of change.
  • Your visit is like the gust of wind before the storm.

During N [86] Welcome to Dawn's Blossom for Horde characters:

  • I am told you were a guest of the forest hozen and survived. I suspect we will see interesting things from you in the coming days.
    I welcome you, traveller, to our humble home.

For Alliance characters he instead says:

  • So you are the creature who gave the jinyu the courage they needed to stand their ground against the hozen.
    Such courage is sometheing we have not seen in some time. I welcome you to our humble home.

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