Master Xunsu

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NeutralMaster Xunsu
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Gender Unknown
Race Unknown
Class Mistweaver
Occupation Mistweaver of the Terrace of Endless Spring
Status Unknown

Master Xunsu is a mistweaver of the Terrace of Endless Spring. They have spoken at length about  [Sheilun, Staff of the Mists] and are quoted twice in The Chronicle of Ages.[1] Xunsu is also the author of  [How to Meditate in a Hurricane], which contains instructions on the art of surrounding oneself with peace even amidst great external turmoil.


  • "It feels strange to call Sheilun powerful, does it not? You could no use it to flatten a mountain with a single bow, nor could you use it to burn a thousand enemies alive with a single thought. Others might find that disappointing. But you are a monk. You know power takes many forms. Others desire the might of a waterfall crashing down on the rocks. You seek the calm, inevitable force of a deep river, the kind that carves canyons into the toughest stone and carries away warriors on its currents without so much as a ripple. Sheilun is the embodiment of that idea."[1]
  • "It was not Sheilun that prompted Shaohao to make his sacrifice. It was not Sheilun that inspired Kang's revolution that freed his people. It was not Sheilun that kept the Serpent's Spine standing against countless mantid cycles. But it was there for all of those events, in the possession of people who could act. It is the perfect companion to those willing to sacrifice everything in order to save others. And I believe it has not yet found its final bearer."[1]