Masterwork Target Dummy

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  • Masterwork Target Dummy
  • Use: Drops a target dummy on the ground that attracts nearby monsters to attack it. Lasts for 15 seconds or until killed.
  • Requires Engineering (275)
  • 1 Charge
  • Sell Price: 1g

Masterwork Target Dummy is a consumable device used to control aggro.


This item is crafted with Engineering (275); taught by  [Schematic: Masterwork Target Dummy].

Materials Required:
Inv gizmo mithrilcasing 01.png 1x [Mithril Casing] Inv gizmo pipe 04.png 1x [Thorium Tube]
Inv gizmo 04.png 2x [Thorium Widget] Inv ingot 08.png 2x [Truesilver Bar]
Inv misc leatherscrap 02.png 2x [Rugged Leather] Inv fabric purplefire 01.png 4x [Runecloth]


  • Once the target dummy is destroyed, items can be looted from it; sometimes including  [Fused Wiring]

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