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Mastery is a mechanic and stat introduced in patch 4.0.1. Each specialization has its own Mastery, offering benefits appropriate to that spec's role and abilities. Masteries' effects vary, increasing certain types of damage dealt, providing bonus DoT or HoT effects, or even generating free extra melee or spell attacks. Mastery is available at level 78, and has no effect until that level is reached.

Mastery also refers to the secondary stat, found under Melee, Ranged or Spell on the character sheet. Characters have a base mastery of 0, but this can be increased by gear with mastery on it. Numerous enhancements such as enchantments and gems also increase mastery.

Mastery benefits are measured in percentages, whether in terms of a fixed improvement, the size of a bonus effect, or a proc chance. Each Mastery has a base percentage value; the mastery stat increases this by a small amount, depending on spec and level. Even characters with no mastery bonuses will therefore benefit from their Mastery.

In terms of stat weighting, the value of mastery depends on the effect it grants the player.

While technically passive abilities, Masteries are not found in the Spellbook, but can only be viewed by mousing over the character's mastery rating in the Character sheet.


Below is a list of all Masteries, and the classes and specs to which they belong. Listed under 'Base effect' is the base percentage benefit granted to players regardless of their mastery stat. Listed under 'Ratio' is the amount of mastery rating required to gain an additional 1% effect (for X values only), at level 120. At lower levels, smaller amounts of mastery rating are required to gain the same benefit. Both base effects and ratios are often very specific and are sometimes difficult to determine precisely.

Class Specialization Mastery Effect Base effect (%) Ratio
Demon hunter Havoc [Mastery: Demonic Presence] Increases Chaos damage by X% and movement speed by Y%. 14/5 40
Vengeance [Mastery: Fel Blood] Increases the armor bonus granted by [Demon Spikes] by an additional X% of Agility. Also increases attack power by Y%. 20/8 28.8
Death Knight Blood [Mastery: Blood Shield] X% of [Death Strike] healing is also applied as a shield, and increases Attack Power. 16/8 36
Frost [Mastery: Frozen Heart] Increases frost damage by X%. 16 36
Unholy [Mastery: Dreadblade] Increases shadow damage by X%. 18 32
Druid Balance [Mastery: Starlight] Increases [Moonfire], [Sunfire], [Starfall], and [Starsurge] damage, and the effects of Lunar and Solar Empowerments by an additional X%. 12 46.75
Feral [Mastery: Razor Claws] Increases bleed damage and finishing moves damage by X%. 16 36
Guardian [Mastery: Nature's Guardian] Increases maximum health and healing received by X%, and increases Attack Power by Y%. 4/8 144
Restoration [Mastery: Harmony] Increases healing by X% for each Restoration heal over time effects on the target. 4 130.9
Hunter Beast Mastery [Mastery: Master of Beasts] Increases pet damage by X%. 15 37.89
Marksmanship [Mastery: Sniper Training] Range of all ranged abilities is increased by X% and damage of all abilities increased by Y%. 5/11 115.2
Survival [Mastery: Spirit Bond] Damage done by Focus spending abilities increased by X% for both the Hunter and pet. While a pet is active, both Hunter and pet regenerate Y% of max health per 5 seconds. 16/1 36
Mage Arcane [Mastery: Savant] Increases Mana regeneration and maximum Mana by X%. Arcane Charges increase the damage of [Arcane Blast] by an additional Y%, and [Arcane Barrage] by Z%. 9.6/4.8/2.4 60
Fire [Mastery: Ignite] Certain direct-damage spells apply Ignite, a DoT that deals X% of the damage dealt by these spells over 9 seconds. 6 96
Frost [Mastery: Icicles] Casting [Frostbolt] or [Flurry] create Icicles that can be unleashed with [Ice Lance], causing damage equal to X% of spell power. Increases  [Frozen Orb] damage by Y%. 8/15 72
Monk Brewmaster [Mastery: Elusive Brawler] Each time you're hit or use [Blackout Strike], increases your dodge chance by X% until your next successful dodge. Also increases attack power by X%. 8 72
Mistweaver [Mastery: Gust of Mists] Healing spells also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the primary target for X% of spell power. 24 24
Windwalker [Mastery: Combo Strikes] Abilities deal X% more damage when they are not a repeat of the previous ability. 10 57.6
Paladin Holy [Mastery: Lightbringer] Proximity to target causes spells to heal for up to X% more. 12 48
Protection [Mastery: Divine Bulwark] Reduces damage taken while inside [Consecration] by X% and increases block chance by Y%. Also increases attack power by Y%. 3/8 72
Retribution [Mastery: Hand of Light] Increases Holy damage done by X%. 13 45
Priest Discipline [Mastery: Grace] Increases the healing and absorbs done on targets affected by [Atonement] by X%. 11 53.3
Holy [Mastery: Echo of Light] Direct heals also apply a HoT that heals for X% of the original spells. 10 57.6
Shadow [Mastery: Madness] Increases the damage of certain direct-damage and periodic damaging spells by X%. 9.6 60
Rogue Assassination [Mastery: Potent Assassin] Increases poison and bleed damage by X%. 14 42.35
Outlaw [Mastery: Main Gauche] 30% chance on main-hand attacks to cause an extra attack that deals damage with an off-hand weapon equal to X% of attack power. 18 55.38
Subtlety [Mastery: Executioner] Increases finishing move damage by X%. 19.6 29.39
Shaman Elemental [Mastery: Elemental Overload] Specific spells cast have a X% chance to trigger a second cast on the same target for 85% of normal damage and reduced Maelstrom generation. 15 38.9
Enhancement [Mastery: Enhanced Elements] Increases your chance to trigger [Stormbringer] and [Windfury] by X%, and increases all Fire, Frost, and Nature damage you deal by Y%. 0.64/16 36
Restoration [Mastery: Deep Healing] Increases healing from your spells by up to X%, based on the current health of your target. Lower health targets are healed for more. 24 24
Warlock Affliction [Mastery: Potent Afflictions] Increases the damage of certain DoT spells and [Seed of Corruption] by X%. 20 28.8
Demonology [Mastery: Master Demonologist] Increases the damage done by demons by X%. 12 49.67
Destruction [Mastery: Chaotic Energies] Spell damage increased by X%, plus an additional random amount up to X%. Damage taken reduced by Y%, plus an additional random amount up to Y%. 8/1.7 35.99
Warrior Arms [Mastery: Deep Wounds] [Deep Wounds] damage is increased by X%, dealing Bleed damage over 6 seconds. 90 6.43
Fury [Mastery: Unshackled Fury] Increases damage done while under the effects of [Enrage] by X%. 11 51.43
Protection [Mastery: Critical Block] Increased chance to block by X% and chance to critically block by Y%, and increases Attack Power by Z%. 4/12/8 48

Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Masteries are now learned at level 78 instead of 80.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Masteries are no longer found in the Spellbook.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Mastery is no longer found as mastery rating or measured in points. Gear and items that previously granted 'mastery rating' now simply grant 'mastery', and mastery is now converted directly into a percentage bonus without being measured in points. Accordingly, there is no longer a standard rate of conversion for mastery.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Added.

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