Mastery: Icicles

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Mastery: Icicles
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  • Mastery: Icicles
  • Level 78 Frost mage ability
  • Passive
  • Casting Frostbolt or Flurry grants you an Icicle. Casting Ice Lance causes all Icicles stored to begin launching at the target, each dealing (0.1% of Spell power) Frost damage.

    Up to 5 Icicles can be stored. Any excess Icicles gained will be automatically launched.

    Increases the damage of Frozen Orb by 15%.
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Mastery: Icicles is the Frost mage mastery, improved by the mastery secondary stat. It is a unique game play mechanic for frost mages, allowing them to generate and store an Icicle every time [Frostbolt] or [Flurry] are cast, and unleash them with [Ice Lance]. It also increases damage dealt by [Frozen Orb].



  • [Splitting Ice] - Increases damage dealt by Icicles by 5%, and allows Icicles to hit an additional nearby target for 80% damage.

Azerite Traits


  • Base Mastery is 8%. ~72 Mastery rating increases Mastery by 1% at level 120.
  • If the Mage generates a 6th icicle, the oldest icicle will launch automatically.
  • If the Mage has the [Glacial Spike] talent, Ice Lance will no longer launch Icicles. Excess Icicles will continue to passively launch.
  • Icicles cannot "double dip" from crit.

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