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HordeMaterial Assistance

60 (Requires 58)


4950 XP


Material Assistance is the 1st quest in the Material Assistance quest chain.


If you are interested in helping Sagorne Crestrider in Orgrimmar's Valley of Wisdom, bring him an Azerothian Diamond and a Pristine Black Diamond.


<Name>, there is a pressing matter I hope you can help with... both materially and spiritually. Allow me to explain.

Within the depths of the Scholomance in Lordaeron is a chamber called the Great Ossuary. I need to complete a device that would pierce the shadows of this horrid room. To finish what I have started, I need two diamonds: an Azerothian and a Pristine Black. These are not trivial items, I know - I just don't have the resources myself.

Could you provide me with one of each?


You will gain:

  • 4950 XP (or 43s 50c at level 70)


I feel awkward asking for material assistance, but my divination scryer - the device I hope to finish - requires one of each.  If you cannot help me, I'd certainly understand.


Your generosity is unrivaled, <name>.  I thank you for your kindness.

I will be able to finish my divination scryer now, and I should be able to fashion more without further need of diamonds... perhaps you would be interested in helping me in its use?  It is for a most important task, I assure you... one that left unchecked could spell unmitigated disaster for the spirit realm!


  1. H Shaman [60] Material Assistance
  2. H Shaman [60D] The Darkreaver Menace

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