Matrix Punchograph 3005

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Matrix Punchograph 3005 is a fixed device located throughout Gnomeregan. There are four models: 3005-A, 3005-B, 3005-C and 3005-D. These devices were used in A [30D] Data Rescue (removed in Cataclysm) and to train on certain Engineering schematics.

Models and locations

Binary translations

Each Matrix Punchograph machine has three different states: without card, with card, dispensing new card. Each state has an amusing phrase of Binary code as well as instructions for use of the Punch Cards. Machines B and D also share a different phrase while dispensing special engineering schematics.

Matrix Punchograph 3005-A

Without card
Down with the horde!
With card
Tell your friends to play WoW
Dispensing new card
Play the Warcarft roleplaying game

Matrix Punchograph 3005-B

Without card
With card
Kiss me, I'm gnomish!
Dispensing new card
The Lich King lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matrix Punchograph 3005-C

Without card
Recipe: Mechanical Chicken Soup
With card
Gnomeregan forever!
Dispensing new card
Play More WoW

Matrix Punchograph 3005-D

Without card
Short and sweet
With card
How am I driving?
Dispensing new card
<insert funny message here>
Acquiring engineering schematics
Go go go!!
Acquired engineering schematics
Natalie Portman Rocks