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Mature Krolusk

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MobMature Krolusk
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Race Krolusk (Beast)
Level 110 - 120 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Clutch of the Great Mother, Temple of Sethraliss
Status Killable
Pet family Krolusk

Mature Krolusks are krolusks located in the Clutch of the Great Mother in the Temple of Sethraliss.


  • Inv misc dust.png  Dust Cloud — The dust cloud obscures vision into and out of it.
  • Inv trilobitemount black.png  Head Butt — Strikes the target for 40 Physical damage. The victim is knocked back.
  • Spell sandexplosion.png  Scouring Sand — The caster exhales a cone of Blinding Sand, inflicting 20 Nature damage to all enemies in a 20 yard cone in front of them. Victims take 30% more damage for 12 sec.

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