Maw of Oblivion

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  • Maw of Oblivion
  • +414 [+20] Agility
    +680 Stamina
  • +109 Hit
    +117 Critical Strike
    +226 Haste
    +110 Expertise
    +112 Mastery
    Equip: Increases the damage dealt by Sinister Strike and Revealing Strike by 45%.
  • Maw of Oblivion (2 pieces)
  •  [The Sleeper]
     [The Dreamer]
  • (2) Set: Your melee attacks have a chance to grant Nightmare, increasing your Agility by 5, stacking up to 50 times.
  • Combined stats.

Maw of Oblivion is a 2-piece dagger set obtained by rogues from the quest N Rogue [85] Victory in the Depths, part of the quest chain to get [Fangs of the Father].

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Maw of Oblivion

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