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Image of Mazhareen
Race Spirit beast (Beast)
Level 101 Elite
Location Brawler's Guild
Status Killable

Mazhareen is the fourth encounter at Rank 3 of the Brawler's Guild.


  • Spell misc emotionangry.png  Rageful Spirit — As Mazhareen takes more damage, she becomes more dangerous.


Mazhareen inflicts more damage the less health she has. At full health, she doesn't hit too hard, but below 50% health she starts reaching one-shot range. Kite her or stun her once incoming damage gets too high and pop cooldowns then.

Mazhareen requires 5,000 DPS to beat the enrage timer.

Defeating Mazhareen is the requirement of [The Second Rule of Brawler's Guild (Season 2)].


<Announcer> yells: We spent days trying to find this one in Sholazar Basin. Welcome to the jungle! It's Mazhareen!


  • Mazhareen's announcement is a reference to another snow leopard with the same appearance — the extremely elusive and much-sought after Loque'nahak <Mate of Har'koa>.

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