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Image of Mecha-Golem
Race Pounder robot (Mechanical)
Level 35-50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Scalefang Outpost, Vol'dun

Mecha-Golems are pounder robots created by Dataguru Gryzix. Several have been stolen by the sethrak at Scalefang Outpost in Vol'dun, but since the sethrak neglected to steal the keys to the mechs, Enslaved Helper-Bots guarded by Scalefang Warguards can be seen futilely trying to get them operational while Scalefang Stormbringers try to empower them with lightning. Gryzix asks engineering adventurers to free the golems from the outpost.[1] One golem subsequently accompanies the adventurer as they retrieve Gryzix's toolbox[2] and helps them battle Chief Expedition Officer McCormick after Gryzix is killed by the Venture Co..[3]


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