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This article is about the island. For the city of the same name, see Mechagon City. For other uses, see Mechagon (disambiguation).
NeutralMechagon Island
Level: 120
Battle Pet Level: 25
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Major settlements
Minor settlements

Northwest of Kul Tiras

PvP status

Mechagon Island (or just Mechagon) is an island located northwest of Kul Tiras. Added in patch 8.2.0, it features one zone (slightly bigger than the Timeless Isle)[1] and a Mythic-only, Operation: Mechagon 8-boss megadungeon, in addition to the Robodrome arena.


A mystery awaits that is of particular interest to the gnomes and goblins. A previously closed vault in Kul Tiras has opened and within it a radio transmitter sends a signal for help and points to a new land to explore, Mechagon. This is an ancient lost city of the gnomes. The beginning of the adventure is within the Junker Wastes where heroes will be beset by death robots, but there are potential allies nearby. Hunted by robots themselves, the mechagnomes introduce you to a whole new society and take you to where higher cast gnomes live who have dedicated themselves to their king and have embraced robotics.

King Mechangon[sic] has a vision to return anyone of flesh into more pure robotic parts and it's up to you to put a stop to him.[2]


Before King Mechagon claimed the island, someone else lived here. The history of these forgotten people is buried beneath the land.[3]

King Mechagon was once the king of the Gnomeregan gnomes, who 400 years ago[4] led his followers in search of a mystical land of technology. He left no clues where he was headed and over time his tale became a legend to the gnomes.[5] In truth, King Mechagon managed to find this land and claimed it as his own. Since then, Mechagon Island has become the lost home of the mechagnomes.[6]


Mechagon is a small island located northwest of Kul Tiras and has a similar landscape and fauna as Stormsong Valley. Rustbolt, home to the Rustbolt Resistance, is located on the northeast of the island while the entrance to Mechagon City, the Junkwatt Depot, is found in the southwestern hills. North lies a small mountainous area where the Scrapbone troggs make their home within Scrapbone Den. Southwest lies a small cluster of islands known as the Toothy Shallows.

Maps and subregions

Map of Mechagon Island.

Mechagon instance


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Operation: Mechagon 120 5 player Unknown

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