Meeting at the Blackwing Coven

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NeutralMeeting at the Blackwing Coven

68 (Requires 65)




12000 EXP (or 7g 20s at level 70)



Gather up enough Costume Scraps from the various wyrmcultists to create an Overseer Disguise. Use the disguise to attend the meeting with Kolphis Darkscale, and report your findings back to Tree Warden Chawn at Evergrove in the Blade's Edge Mountains.

  • Meeting with Kolphis Darkscale attended


I know what must be done! <name>, you must pose as Overseer Nuaar and attend that meeting! The wyrmcultists at the coven all have a standard outfit that they wear, so go collect scraps from them, and when you have enough, put together a disguise. Pose as Overseer Nuuar and speak with Kolphis Darkscale to see what he has to say, and then return to Tree Warden Chawn. You'll find the coven by heading through the Wyrmskull Tunnel and following the path past the Raven's Wood and Grishnath to its end.


You will receive:3g 90s


Attack us?  Wipe us out?  I think not! This Blackwing Coven has a great deal to learn if they think the Cenarion Expedition is so easily dealt with! What is it that they say?  Turnabout is fair play!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:



Nuaar, are you feeling well? You don't look like yourself today.

Gossipgossipicon.pngI'm fine, thank you. You asked for me?

Right, the meeting. Let's get down to it then.

The fact is that the lumber and livestock being gathered from the Ruuan Weald, which you're responsible for, has slowed to a trickle.

We need those resources, but you've allowed the druids of the Cenarion Expedition to get in the way!

Gossipgossipicon.pngOh, it's not my fault, I can assure you.

I don't want exuses, I demand results!

You think what we've doing here is a joke? If we don't do this right, then not only will the so-called do-gooders come calling, but we'll be found unworthy for elevation within the ranks of the Blackwing.

Gossipgossipicon.pngUm, no... no, I don't want that at all.

You could at least try to sound a little bit convincing.

Look, Nuaar I wasn't going to tell you this, but I might as well because it's going to involve you, too. Maxnar Is planning an all-out attack on the druids at Ruuan Weald. And he intends to wipe them out.

It's bad enough that we've been fighting with the Boulder'mok ogres, so we can't afford another front to deal with. I've arranged for a temporary truce with the Arrakkoa.

Well, what do you think?

Gossipgossipicon.pngImpressive. When do we attack?

We've putting the final preparations together even as we speak. The rest will depend upon how quickly you can organize you forces at Ruuan Weald.

Do you think that you can handle that and get done quickly?


That's the spirit!

I'm glad that we had this little meeting. I feel much better about the attack now. With leader like you on the front, how can we lose?

Alright, you have your marching orders. Now get back to the Ruuan Weald and make it happen!

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