Meeting of the Minds

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AllianceMeeting of the Minds

120 (Requires 120)




23g 40s


A [120] Ending Areiel, A [120] One Option: Fire, A [120] They Can't Stay Here



Meet Shandris Feathermoon outside of Zo'bal Ruins.


We're in luck. The missive details a meeting in Zo'bal Ruins between Talanji, Rokhan, Areiel, and Blood Prince Dreven.

This is our chance to gain more intel on Dreven and his next move. He killed our soldiers in Vol'dun, it's time for him to pay.

Meet me outside of Zo'bal Ruins. We're going to sneak into the ruins, listen to their plans, and decide what to do next.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


Let's move.


Dreven will be inside of an enclosed tunnel? This is too perfect. Let's move.


Speak with Shandris:

Stay hidden. Only one of us should go in. I'll stay here to make sure no one finds out what we're doing.
I have a flask of invisibility that you can use to sneak in there. It should render you completely unseen... for a small amount of time.
Drink from the flask, then sneak in to the ruins. Find out what the Horde are planning, then get out.

Gossip Why do you have a flask of invisibility?

We're within a stone's throw of a major Horde gathering spot and you want to know why I have a bottle that can turn you invisible?
Gossip Yes.
... I'll tell you when the war is over.
Gossip Nevermind.

Gossip (Take the the flask of invisibility.)

Use the  [Invisibility Flask] and head south into the Zo'bal Ruins:

Princess Talanji says: Apologies for my delay, Rokhan. Tell me of your status here. Has dis Captain Areiel been useful?
Rokhan says: Areiel be killin' both da Alliance and blood troll forces and helped us establish a base in da Necropolis.
Princess Talanji says: And yet she is not here. Is she too busy to give a simple status report?
Blood Prince Dreven says: Captain Areiel is not coming because she is slain, Talanji.
Princess Talanji says: Princess Talanji to you, Prince Dreven. And how do you know dat?
Blood Prince Dreven says: Call it one of my special traits. The Alliance have disrupted the Horde forces in the Necropolis and killed Areiel in the process.
Rokhan says: Sylvanas ain't gonna like dat. We need ta be movin' fast on our plan ta stop da Alliance, Prince Dreven.
Rokhan says: Dere be a collapsed tunnel dat connects Nazmir ta Vol'dun. Take ya followers, use ya powers ta clear da rubble, den we be attackin' da main Alliance forces.
Blood Prince Dreven says: You want us to use our abilities... to move rocks. And why should I follow you, troll?
Rokhan says: Because part of ya agreement with Sylvanas was respectin' da hierarchy of authority within da Horde, and brudda, I be outrankin' ya.
Blood Prince Dreven says: ... I shall do as you ask, for now. We will clear this tunnel and send word when your forces can move out.
Princess Talanji says: I do not trust dis Dreven, Rokhan. It is not wise to involve san'layn, of all things, in dis conflict.
Rokhan says: Sylvanas wants ta give 'em a chance. Dey got no home left. If dey can work with us, den dey got a home with da Horde. If not, dey be gone.
Princess Talanji says: I see. I shall return to Zuldazar. Keep me informed of de Horde operations in Nazmir. And be careful, Rokhan.
Rokhan says: Always, princess.


  1. A [120] Operation: Blood Arrow
  2. A [120] Crippling the Horde
  3. A [120] How to Kill a Dark Ranger
  4. A [120] Tortollans in Distress & A [120] The Savage Hunt
  5. A [120] Ending Areiel & A [120] One Option: Fire & A [120] They Can't Stay Here
  6. A [120] Meeting of the Minds
  7. A [120] Target: Blood Prince Dreven

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