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Merchant Fallel Stargazer

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AllianceMerchant Fallel Stargazer
Image of Merchant Fallel Stargazer
Title <The Moonspray>
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 65
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Unknown, Formerly The Moonspray, Darkshore or Teldrassil

Merchant Fallel Stargazer was a general goods vendor onboard the Moonspray, the boat that ran between Auberdine and Rut'theran Village before the Cataclysm. He sold anything you could possibly need, and also repaired gear.

With the Cataclysm this NPC disappeared with the rest of the Moonspray and her crew.


  • He could not be killed.
  • He did not sell ammunition.

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