Messenger to the Feralfen

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AllianceMessenger to the Feralfen
Start Anchorite Ahuurn
End Anchorite Ahuurn
Level 62 (Requires 60)
Category Zangarmarsh
Experience 12600
Reputation +250 Exodar
Rewards 2g 70s


Drink Ahuurn's Elixir while standing in the Boha'mu Ruins. Speak to Elder Kuruti while you are in the form of an arakkoa.


The time has come for us to embrace the Feralfen and teach them that the Light has not forsaken them. Take the potion I've prepared and carry it with you to the Boha'mu Ruins.

Once you arrive at the ruins, drink the potion to assume the form of one of their bird spirits. Speak with Elder Kuruti and let him know the draenei are ready to welcome his people as our long lost brothers.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv gauntlets 32.png [Feralfen Mystic's Handwraps] Inv boots plate 07.png [Feralfen Champion's Boots]
Inv belt 23.png [Feralfen Skulker's Belt] Inv chest plate08.png [Feralfen Beastmaster's Hauberk]

You will also receive:

  • 2g 70s
  • 12600 XP
  • +250 reputation with Exodar


Did you speak with the Feralfen elder?


They refused? They are welcome to choose their own path, of course, but their choice surprises me. I would think that all the draenei, including the Broken and Lost Ones, would still remember that we're all a part of the same people.

I suppose he is right about the folly of deceiving them, but still, could he not see that our intentions were friendly?


Talking with Elder Kuruti
I humbly welcome you to our temple, spirit.

Gossip Greetings, elder. It is time for your people to end their hostility towards the draenei and their allies.

Treat with the draenei, the people who turned their backs on us while we suffered? I think not.
A true spirit does not speak thus! Reveal yourself, imposter. Who sent you?

Gossip I did not mean to deceive you, elder. The draenei of Telredor thought to approach you in a way that would seem familiar to you.

So we're to trust people who would insult us with this deception? Do the draenei think so little of us that they must resort to trickery to get our attention?
We're aware of their desire to 'redeem' us, but my people want none of their redemption. We are capable of standing on our own and we will pursue our destiny as a proud and separate people. Carry this message to your allies.

Gossip I will tell them. Farewell, elder.

Good. Be sure they understand.
Now, I would appreciate it if you would leave my temple in peace.


  1. A [62] The Boha'mu Ruins
  2. A [62] Idols of the Feralfen
  3. A [62] Gathering the Reagents
  4. A [62] Messenger to the Feralfen

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