Mi-Lee Cirrus

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NeutralMi-Lee Cirrus
Image of Mi-Lee Cirrus
Gender Female
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 90 Elite
Health 1,969,000
Affiliation(s) Shado-Pan
Location Bleak Hollow, Isle of Thunder [51.8, 46.6]
Status Alive

Mi-Lee Cirrus is found inside the Bleak Hollow, a small cave just west of the main gate north of the Diremoor on the Isle of Thunder. Near her is a sewer grate, which serves as a shortcut to the instance line of the Throne of Thunder raid.



  • An enormous thundering cloud serpent bars our entrance into Lei Shen's domain.
  • Me? I practice the art of Jade Lightning. My fists are so fast, you won't even be able to see them!
  • There are few thundering cloud serpents left in our world.
  • We are investigating the sewer system - perhaps there is another way in to the citadel.

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