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Warlords of Draenor Micro Menu

The Micro Menu, also known as the Interface Panel,[1] is a collection of small buttons located between the main Action Bar and the character's bag slots. The buttons open various UI panels.

Interface Panel: These tabs enable you to access your character information, spellbook and abilities window, character talents, quest log, world map, social options, the main menu, and GM support.[1]

Icon Functionality Default hotkey
Current Elements
Micromenu charinfo btn 32x41.png Character Info window (sometimes called the "paper doll"). The icon changes to match the character's appearance. C
Micromenu spellbook btn 32x41.png Abilities/Skills/Spellbook window P
Micromenu talents btn 32x41.png Talent window. N
Micromenu achievement btn 32x41.png Achievements window (includes Statistics). Introduced in Patch 3.0.2 Y
Micromenu questlog btn 32x41.png Quest Log. Icon changed from Micromenu questlog btn 32x24.png in Patch 4.0.1. L
Micromenu guild btn 32x41.png Guild Finder window. Replaced Socials window in Patch 4.0.1. Becomes the Guild icon, which changes to the color/crest chosen, when in a guild. J
Micromenu lfg btn 32x41.png Dungeon Finder window. Replaced LFG/LFM window in Patch 3.3.0, which also replaced the World Map button in Patch 2.0.1. I
Micromenu petjournal btn 32x41.png Collections window. Renamed from Mounts And Pets in Patch 6.0.2, initially introduced in Patch 5.0.4. ⇧ Shift+P
Micromenu journal btn 32x41.png Dungeon Journal window. Introduced in Patch 4.2.0. ⇧ Shift+J
Micromenu bstore btn 32x41.png In-Game Store window. Introduced in Patch 5.4.2.
Micromenu report btn 32x41.png Game Menu window (Graphics, Sound, Interface, Key Bindings, Macros, Logout, Exit). A small color bar appears under the question mark changing colors based on your latency.
Prior to Patch 5.4.7 the icon was Micromenu options btn 32x24.png and since Patch 3.0, the monitor changed color based on your latency. Since Patch 4.0.1 the icon changes into Micromenu gamemenu btn.pngMicromenu gamemenu yellow btn.pngMicromenu gamemenu red btn.png while a patch is downloading.
⎋ Esc
Old Elements
Micromenu report btn 32x41.png Customer Support for finding out current known issues, reporting players, making Game Master tickets, and getting unstuck.
Removed in Patch 5.4.2.
Micromenu raid btn 32x41.png Raid Finder window. Icon added in Patch 4.2.0.
Merged with Dungeon Finder in Patch 5.0.4.
Micromenu pvp btn 32x24.png or Micromenu pvph btn 32x24.png Player vs. player window (honor and arena points, as well as battleground queueing). The icon changes to match the character's faction. Introduced in Patch 3.0.2. Merged with the Group Finder in Patch 6.0.2. H
Micromenu socials btn 32x24.png Socials window (Friends List, Ignore List, Who List, Guild List, Raid List)
Replaced by the Guild button in Patch 4.0.1.
Micromenu world btn 32x41.png World Map window. Replaced by the Dungeon Finder button in Patch 2.0.1. M
Ui latency green.pngUi latency yellow.pngUi latency red.png Latency status bar; changes color based on connection latency.
Merged with the Options button in Patch 3.0.2.
Micromenu abilities btn 32x41.png Abilities window. Never made it live, Patch 6.0.2.
Micromenu bug btn 32x41.png Report bugs. Never made it live, Patch 6.0.2.


Version Micro Menu
6.0.2 UI-Micro Menu MoP6.0.2.png
5.4.7 UI-Micro Menu MoP5.4.7.png
5.4.2 UI-Micro Menu MoP5.4.2.png
5.0.4 UI-Micro Menu MoP.png
4.2.0 UI-Micro Menu Cata4.2.0.png
4.0.1 UI-Micro Menu Cata.png
3.0.2 UI-Micro Menu WotLK.png
The Burning Crusade UI-Micro Menu BC.png
WoW Icon 16x16.png UI-Micro Menu WoW.png