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Midnight Siphoner

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MobMidnight Siphoner
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Gender Male
Race Nightborne (Humanoid)
Level 112 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Nighthold
Status Killable

Midnight Siphoners are nightborne located in the Nighthold.


  • Arcane Explosion - Inflicts 500000 to 581000 Arcane damage to all enemies within 100 yards.
Each successful cast of this spell increases the damage of further Arcane Explosions by 10%.
  • Release Nightwell Energy - The caster completes their siphoning of the Nightwell's energies and creates an explosion.
All players within 100 yards suffer 2500000 to 2920000 Arcane damage.
  • Siphon Nightwell - The caster siphons energy from the Nightwell. When the siphoning is complete, the energy will be released as a large explosion of Arcane energy.


  • Fear not, I will draw the power of the Nightwell to wipe them out!
  • Interlopers!

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