Mighty Devilsaur

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MobMighty Devilsaur
Image of Mighty Devilsaur
Race Devilsaur (Elemental)
Level 90 Elite
Health 4,727,000
Location Diremoor, Isle of Thunder
Status Killable

The Mighty Devilsaur paths from [47.0, 47.4] to [53.3, 59.2] along the northern part of the loop road in the Diremoor of central Isle of Thunder.


  • Vile Spit 45 yd range 0.917 sec cast. Spawns a purple pool of nastiness beneath a player that lasts for a minute. Standing in the pool triggers every 1 sec...
    • Vile Spit — Inflicts 13,250 Nature damage every second. Instant. Also applies a stacking debuff that increases damage taken from vile spit by 10% for a few seconds.
  • Acidic Regurgitation — Inflicts 25,175 to 27,825 Nature damage to enemies in a cone. 2 sec cast. Uninterruptible channel. The devilsaur stands and turns 90 degrees while channeling, doing damage in a 30-yard frontal arc and also in a circle up to 10 yards out, marked by a dotted-green circle on the ground. Triggers...
    • Acidic Regurgitation — Inflicts 166,154 to 183,645 Nature damage to enemies in a cone and underneath the caster. Instant.
  • Fetid Quake 30 yd range 1.38 sec cast. 50-yard radius, 45-degree arc in front of the devilsaur. Hits for 90,000 Physical on cloth. (5 sec cooldown)


Get out of the purple Vile Spit pools, or it will tick for an increasing amount of Nature damage every second. Get out of the devilsaur's hitbox when it starts casting Acidic Regurgitation, and make sure to not stand in front of it as it channels. It will turn 90 degrees in either direction while channeling. It will rarely cast Fetid Quake, which is a long-range frontal arc that hits for a decent amount of Physical damage.

If having trouble, the friendly Shado-Pan NPCs at the Bleak Hollow will help out if they take any damage from the devilsaur's attacks.



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