Mikkal's Chest

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Mikkal's Chest
Mikkal's view

Mikkal's Chest is found at [58.9, 21.9] at the foot of Painter Mikkal, who is overlooking the Umbrafen between the Rangari Enclave and Exarch's Rise in north-central Elodor in northeastern Shadowmoon Valley.

It contains an  [Empty Paint Jar], and looting the chest triggers a script event:

Painter Mikkal says: Ah, traveler, did you expect more from a humble artist? A trinket perhaps? Coin, or a keepsake?
Mikkal looks out to the Umbrafen.
Painter Mikkal says: Just look in front of you. The true treasure is the beauty of this moment.

Tracking quest

To check whether this chest has been looted, copy and paste this command into the chat window:

/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(35603))

If a "true" appears in the chat window, this chest has been looted; "false" indicates the opposite.

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