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For the AllianceAlliance <Cooking Supplier>, see Derek Odds.
Image of Misensi
Title <Cooking Supplies>
Gender Female
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 75 / 105
Health 4,652 / 611K
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) The Sunreavers
Location Dalaran [70, 38]
Status Alive

Misensi is the <Cooking Supplier> for the Horde that sells recipes in exchange for [Epicurean's Award]. See daily cooking quests for more information about the awards.

Vendor information

Recipes for [Epicurean's Award] currency:

Recipe Stat/Ability Meat Skill
 [Recipe: Blackened Dragonfin] Agility  [Dragonfin Angelfish] x2 400
 [Recipe: Blackened Worg Steak] Track Humanoids  [Worg Haunch] 400
 [Recipe: Critter Bites] Control Critter  [Chilled Meat] x2 400
 [Recipe: Cuttlesteak] Spirit  [Moonglow Cuttlefish] 400
 [Recipe: Dragonfin Filet] Strength  [Dragonfin Angelfish] 400
 [Recipe: Firecracker Salmon] Spell Power  [Glacial Salmon] 400
 [Recipe: Fish Feast] Attack Power

Spell Power

 [Musselback Sculpin] x2

 [Glacial Salmon] x2

 [Nettlefish] x2

 [Northern Spices] x1

 [Recipe: Gigantic Feast] Larger  [Deep Sea Monsterbelly] x2

 [Chunk o' Mammoth] x2

 [Rockfin Grouper] x2

 [Recipe: Hearty Rhino] Armor Penetration  [Rhino Meat] x1 400
 [Recipe: Imperial Manta Steak] Haste Rating  [Imperial Manta Ray] 400
 [Recipe: Mega Mammoth Meal] Attack Power  [Chunk o' Mammoth] x2 400
 [Recipe: Mighty Rhino Dogs] MP5  [Rhino Meat] x2 400
 [Recipe: Poached Northern Sculpin] Attack Power  [Musselback Sculpin] 400
 [Recipe: Rhinolicious Wormsteak] Expertise  [Worm Meat]

 [Rhino Meat]

 [Recipe: Small Feast] Smaller  [Nettlefish] x2

 [Rhino Meat] x2

 [Glacial Salmon] x2

 [Recipe: Snapper Extreme] Hit Rating  [Bonescale Snapper] x3 400
 [Recipe: Spiced Mammoth Treats] Stamina to pet  [Chunk o' Mammoth] 400
 [Recipe: Spiced Worm Burger] Critical Strike Rating  [Worm Meat] x2 400
 [Recipe: Spicy Blue Nettlefish] Critical Strike Rating  [Nettlefish] 400
 [Recipe: Spicy Fried Herring] MP5  [Fangtooth Herring] 400
 [Recipe: Tender Shoveltusk Steak] Spell Power  [Shoveltusk Flank] x2 400
 [Recipe: Tracker Snacks] Beast Tracking  [Shoveltusk Flank] 400
 [Recipe: Very Burnt Worg] Haste Rating  [Worg Haunch] x2 400
 [Recipe: Worg Tartare] Hit Rating  [Worg Haunch] x2

 [Northern Spices]


Note that this recipe costs 5 Epicurean's Award instead of the usual 3.

This vendor also sells basic cooking supplies including additional  [Northern Spices] used to cook the recipes listed above.

Item Cost
 [Mild Spices] x5 10c
 [Northern Spices] x10 1 Epicurean's Award
 [Refreshing Spring Water] x5 25c
 [Simple Flour] x5 25c


Misensi appeared briefly in the popular Machinima Never Stay Tuned 2 by Olibith,[1] along with the more popular Awilo Lon'gomba. They were most likely added to the game by Blizzard as a tribute.

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