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Misery (old)

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For the Forsaken battlemaster, see Misery.

Spell shadow misery.png
  • Misery (3 ranks)
  • Shadow, Tier 1.6
  • Your Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Flay and Vampiric Touch spells also increase the chance for harmful spells to hit by 1/2/3% lasting 24 sec, and increases the damage of your Mind Blast, Mind Flay and Mind Sear spells by an amount equal to 5/10/15% of your spell power.
Points required


Related debuff
Spell shadow misery.png
  • Misery
  • Chance to hit with spells on the target increased by X%.
  • Duration: 24 seconds
The slower the death, the more agonizing the pain [1]

Misery is a Tier 8 Priest talent in the Shadow tree. It causes the Priest's [Mind Blast], [Mind Flay] and [Mind Sear] spells to give the target a debuff that increases spell damage taken by 5/10/15% of the Priests total spellpower. Your [Shadow Word: Pain], [Mind Flay] and [Vampiric Touch] also increase the chance for harmful spells to hit by 1/2/3%, lasting 24 seconds. Misery benefits all other casters in the party or raid as it increases the chance for spells to hit.


Patch changes

Previous talent: Your [Shadow Word: Pain], [Mind Flay] and [Vampiric Touch] spells also cause the target to take an additional 1/2/3/4/5% spell damage.


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