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Not to be confused with Misha, Mishta, or Mishka.
Image of Mishi
Title <Lorewalker Cho's Companion>
Gender Female
Race Cloud serpent (Beast)
Level 88
Location Jade Forest, Kun-Lai Summit, Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Status Alive
Cho at Grookin Hill.jpg

Mishi is a cloud serpent companion of Lorewalker Cho who flies Cho's Adventurer friend around Pandaria when needed. Despite usually being small, Mishi has the ability to grow into a full-sized cloud serpent mount. This seems to be a unique ability to her alone. She is found in phased quest areas, and also in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms at each Shrine.


<Mishi looks at you inquisitively.>



  • Mishi is likely a reference to the dragon Mushu from the Disney movie Mulan.

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