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Misirin Stouttoe

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AllianceMisirin Stouttoe
Image of Misirin Stouttoe
Title <Explorer's League>
Gender Female
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 100
Health 97,854
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ironforge, Explorer's League
Location Stormshield Stronghold, Ashran
Status Alive

Misirin Stouttoe is a member of the Explorer's League found in Stormshield Stronghold, Ashran. She can be found talking to Grimnir Sternhammer.


  • Grimnir Sternhammer: That was some rough business at the Dark Portal. How are you holding up?
Misirin Stouttoe: I'm a little worse for the wear, but it's not my first scrape. I'm just excited that our new outpost has such fascinating history to discover!
Grimnir Sternhammer: Aye, that it does. That is, when said history isn't chasing after you with a broadaxe!
  • Grimnir Sternhammer: So what do you suppose the nature of this fabled artifact is?
Misirin Stouttoe: If it is as powerful as Dr. Jones theorizes, it may well be of titan origin.
Grimnir Sternhammer: That seems a little far-fetched. I haven't seen any evidence to link the titans to this world.
Misirin Stouttoe: That may be so, but wouldn't it be grand to discover that the titans had reach even here? Just think of the ramifications!


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