Mistcaller Yngvar

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MobMistcaller Yngvar
Image of Mistcaller Yngvar
Gender Male
Race Kvaldir (Humanoid)
Level 80
Location Hrothgar's Landing
Status Killable
Mistcaller Yngvar

Mistcaller Yngvar is a kvaldir found in the cave on the eastern side of Hrothgar's Landing.

Objective of


Mistcaller Yngvar says: Foolish <class>, you cannot stop the Kvaldir!


  • He appears as a legendary card for the Shaman class in the Grand Tournament expansion of Hearthstone. His flavor text reads: "Calling the mist doesn't sound all that great. "Ooooh, it is slightly damp now!""
    • His name in Hearthstone was changed to simply "The Mistcaller", because, according to Ben Brode, his real name was "hyper unpronounceable".[1]

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