Misty Pine Refuge

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Misty Pine Refuge

Misty Pine Refuge is an outpost building of the Argent Dawn. It is located in central Dun Morogh[57.7, 44.8], and currently houses only one agent of the organization, Father Gavin. Several refugees are waiting here, helped by Buin "Phloppy" Freehand, a generous volunteer. A Broken and Wildhammer dwarf have been sent here to learn about what the Cataclysm brought to the region.



When approaching
Lowan Featherbreeze says: We can't leave these refuges[sic] like this, Kelaan. Buin here has sold his weapons and armor to buy food for them. He cannot do it alone.
Kelaan says: I am not blind to their suffering, Lowan, but our mission here is to learn about what the cataclysm has wrought. Azeroth itself is suffering.
Father Gavin says: I have sent to Light's Hope Chapel for a grant of gold for the care of the refugees. Carry out your mission, but help as you can.
Lowan Featherbreeze says: Thank you, Father Gavin. The world needs more like you and Buin in these dark times.

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