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Image of Mo'ruk
Title <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Gender Male
Race Hozen (Humanoid)
Level 87
Health 214,000
Location Narsong Spires, Krasarang Wilds [62.2, 45.9]
Status Alive

Mo'ruk is a grand master Pet Tamer located on the island of Narsong Spires of the southern coast of Krasarang Wilds in Pandaria. He is surrounded by his three level 25 battle pets: Needleback (aquatic), Woodcarver (beast), and Lightstalker (flying).

Defeating him is required to complete the [Taming Pandaria] achievement.


Flying Lightstalker
[Alpha Strike]
[Moth Balls]
[Moth Dust]
Aquatic Needleback
Beast Woodcarver
[Acidic Goo]


Mo'ruk gonna beat ya!


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