Molten Flow

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The Molten Flow
The entrance into the Molten Flow

The Molten Flow is a massive cavern beneath the Furnace of the Molten Front. The entrance to the cave when first encountered is sealed, but during the quest N [85 Daily] Into the Fire, a Pyrelord is seen protecting the entrance. When the Pyrelord is destroyed the entrance collapses and pulls the heroes into the cavern below.

Near the entrance, further up the tunnel, is Thisalee Crow. She sends the adventurers to kill the flamewakers that roam the area. Near the back of the cavern is Anren Shadowseeker, who got separated from Tholo Whitehoof while inside.


  • The cavern can only be entered after players have completed the quest N [85] Druids of the Talon.
  • There are Thermal Vents located throughout the cavern, these allow you to jump higher than normal. A large one at the cave entrance will allow players to exit. To get back in, use the Rappelling Rope nearby.