Molten Lord

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MobMolten Lord
Image of Molten Lord
Race Molten giant (Giant)
Level 83 - 85 Elite
Health 774,900 (Molten Front)
3,874,500 - 12,398,400 (Firelands)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Firelands

Molten Lords are a type of molten giant found in the Firelands and within the Molten Front during the Firelands Invasion.

Molten Front objectives

Players must bomb and kill three Molten Lords while astride a Trained Fire Hawk for the quest N [85 Daily] Fire in the Skies.


They have a tendency to be the most difficult to kill of the required mobs, often requiring multiple strikes to bring them down.

Firelands raid

In order to begin the process of assembling  [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest], players must first kill a Molten Lord in the Firelands.


Killing them awards 50 reputation with Avengers of Hyjal.

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