Molten Shields

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Molten Shields
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  • Molten Shields (1 rank)
  • Fire, Tier 4
  • Reduces the global cooldown of your Mage Ward spell by 1 sec and your Blazing Speed also removes any movement slowing effects when triggered and is also trigged any time Mage Ward dissipates from absorbing damage.
Points required



Molten Shields is a mage Fire talent that reduces the cooldown of [Mage Ward] by 1 second and allows Mage Ward to trigger [Blazing Speed] after absorbing its full damage. This gives another mechanic for getting the speed buff from Blazing Speed and improves the utility of Mage Ward. This is more of a PvP talent than PvE, since a mage doesn't usually need an escape mechanism in PvE.

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