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Monkey Advisory Warning

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NeutralMonkey Advisory Warning
Stolen Fireworks

7 (Requires 1)




1s 75c



Recover 8 Stolen Firework Bundles.


The monkeys have been stealing from the village during their attacks. We should be fine without some of the extra food stores, but the idea of monkeys with fireworks... I'm a little bit concerned. Not to mention, who knows when some fireworks will come in handy?

Help me recover the stolen fireworks from their village, <name>?


You will receive: 1s 75c


I'm somewhat impressed they hadn't set their village on fire with these things.


<name>, I'm thinking we should celebrate with these later. What do you think?


Pick up N [7] The Direct Solution and N [7] Do No Evil before heading out.

Head back to town and circle clockwise to the northwest to reach Fe-Feng Village. Ji Firepaw will join the party just outside town. Immediately outside town is a  [Jade Tiger Pillar]. Interact with it to pick up N [7] Stronger Than Bone before continuing in to town.

Stolen Fireworks litter the ground, probably guarded by Mob Fe-Feng Firethieves. Mob Fe-Feng Ruffians are also all over town. Don't go out of the way to kill hozen, as enough will get in the way while collecting fireworks and finding Ruk-Ruk. Mob Ruk-Ruk can be found all the way off at the western end of the village. He is a level 7 hozen with 1,233 health and no special abilities.

While running back to Morning Breeze, turn in all three quests to Ji. Turn Stronger Than Bone to Jojo to continue.


  1. N [6] Morning Breeze Village
  2. N [7] Rewritten Wisdoms & N [7] Tools of the Enemy & N [7] Stronger Than Stone
  3. N [7] The Direct Solution & N [7] Do No Evil & N [7] Monkey Advisory Warning & N [7] Stronger Than Bone
  4. N [7] Balanced Perspective
  5. N [7] Dafeng, the Spirit of Air
  6. N [7] Battle for the Skies
  7. N [8] Worthy of Passing
  8. N [8] Unwelcome Nature & N [8] Small, But Significant
  9. N [8] Passing Wisdom
  10. N [9] The Suffering of Shen-zin Su

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