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Moonlight is the light of Elune, the moon. There is a known location just to the west at Lake Falathim where the goddess's moonlight always touches down, day or night.[1] It is considered holy.[2]

The moonlight can heal.[3]

During the War Against the Nightmare, Tyrande Whisperwind lost her glaive and later shaped the light of Elune into a moonlight weapon that resembled her favored glaive. Auras of moonlight were called for the wedding of Tyrande and Malfurion.[4]

Tyrande also called the silver moonlight to draw the spirit of Jarod's deceased wife, Shalasyr away. She also used it against the Horde that occupied Ashenvale. She burned goblin's machinery, as well as to blind her enemies.[5]

When the moonlight is combined with a moonwell can purify its surroundings for years.[6][7]



It's no secret that all druids, Shu'halo and elf alike, can call upon Mu'sha's light.[8] With experience druids can rain celestial fury on their enemies from a great distance.[9]



  • Night elves were against using the arcane but Night Elf Druids use(d) Elune/Astral Arcane magic.[10] Why they use(d) Elune/Astral Arcane magic should be covered in the WoW Chronicle.[11]