Moonrage Sentry

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MobMoonrage Sentry
Image of Moonrage Sentry
Race Worgen (Humanoid)
Level 14 - 15
Class Warrior
Health 300 - 328
Reaction Alliance Horde (Daytime)
Alliance Horde (Nighttime)
Affiliation(s) Moonrage, Stormwind
Location Pyrewood Village, Silverpine Forest
Moonrage Sentry in worgen form.

Moonrage Sentries were found in Pyrewood Village in Silverpine Forest.


  • Battle Roar (Increases the Physical damage dealt by nearby party members for 1 min.)
  • Defensive Stance (Assumes a defensive stance. Lasts 3 min.)
  • Demoralizing Shout (Reduces the melee attack power of nearby enemies for 30 sec.)

Notable drops

 [Pyrewood Shackle] (Quest item)


  • They changed into worgen at night.
  • They are affiliated with Stormwind during daytime to make them unattackable by Alliance players.

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in Human form in Worgen form