Mor'shan Caravan Delivery

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HordeMor'shan Caravan Delivery

17 (Requires 15)


1,250 XP


H [17] Demon Seed


Defend the Mor'shan Caravan.


You've managed to stir the Burning Blade's nest. Our scouts report that they are gathering for an attack.

You must complete the caravan's journey before they arrive. The supplies are packed, the kodos are rested, and I hope you don't mind but I made a few adjustments to your gun.

If you meet up with any resistance, shoot first and ask questions later.

Quickly! They come! Speak to me when you are ready to leave.


Some days we gain quarter, other days we are beaten back behind our walls. Every day, we bury more of our brothers and sisters.

<Kadrak pauses and takes a deep breath.>

Not only have the supplies you brought strengthened our troops, but your heroic deeds have inspired them as well. Thank you, <class>.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv pants 09.png [Mor'shan Caravaneer's Leggings] Inv gauntlets 21.png [Wild Rider's Gloves]
Inv axe 11.png [Kadrak's Axe]

You will also receive: 9s



Talk with Nagala again to start the escort.

I can hear the howls of the Burning Blade as we speak. The kodos are ready to ride for the Mor'shan Ramparts. Tell me when you are ready to leave.

Gossip I'm ready to ride.

Balgor Whipshank says: Good to see you again, friend. Make haste and hop on while the way is still clear.

The caravan will appear, made up of Balgor Whipshank riding an armored Master Caravan Kodo and another humongous kodo behind. Click to mount the lead kodo.  [Halga's "Street Sweeper"] is bigger and nastier than ever, which will help repel the Burning Blade Attackers and Burning Blade Windriders:

Balgor Whipshank says: Watch out above us! Use your rocket!
Balgor Whipshank says: Good shooting! That one won't be getting up anytime soon.
Balgor Whipshank says: Look sharp! They're closing in on our heels!
Balgor Whipshank says: They're coming from all sides! Hang on just a little longer - we're almost there!
Balgor Whipshank says: By the skin of our teeth, we made it! I haven't seen shooting like that since...well...ever! I wish we could ride together again, but Kadrak has more important work for you. Thank you for delivering us safely, my friend.


  1. H [16] Report to Thork
  2. H [17] Mor'shan Caravan Pick-Up
  3. H [17] Mor'shan Caravan Rescue
  4. H [17] Demon Seed
  5. H [17] Mor'shan Caravan Delivery

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