Morbent's Bane (quest)

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AllianceMorbent's Bane

25 (Requires 22)




+500 Gilneas


A [25] Buried Below


A [25] Rebels Without a Clue (at level 24, to Northern Stranglethorn)


Use Morbent's Bane to weaken Morbent Fel and defeat him.

Provided Item:  [Morbent's Bane]


<The pieces fit, and the holy artifact is restored, gleaming with sacred light. This should let you defeat Morbent Fel's dark magic.>

<Further down the tunnel, away from the direction you came from, a heinous cackle rings out. It's the clattering laugh of a lich. Morbent Fel is just ahead!>


Has Morben Fet been slain?


May the disgusting monster stay dead this time!

I'll head down there and scatter his remains to ash myself, <name>. You've done a great thing; perhaps in time Duskwood can return to its former peaceful state.


You will receive: 55s

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry ring 53naxxramas.png [Yorgen's Boon] Inv gauntlets 18.png [Ashen Gloves]
Inv belt 18.png [Felbane Belt]


Keep heading south out of the tunnel and back into the constructed portion of the catacomb, which is full of Clattering Coldwraiths and Morbent Fel! Clear out the skeletal mages at the northern (lower) end of the room, then use the provided  [Morbent's Bane] to remove the shield protecting Morbent Fel.

Unshielded, the Weakened Morbent Fel is a level 25 lich with 3,354 health and the following abilities:

  • Touch of Death 30 yd range — Drains health from an enemy, healing the caster for up to half that amount. 2.66 sec cast. Interruptible.
  • Presence of Death 30 yd range — Utterly terrifies all enemies in a selected area, rendering them unable to move or attack for 2 sec. 0.887 sec cast. (10 cooldown)

Finish him off, then quickly run south to the exit of the catacomb, as Morbent Fel's death killed the hundreds of the ghouls blocking the exit. Back on the surface, run back to Raven Hill.

This concludes the Morbent Fel storyline, but adventurers should still have A [25] The Weathered Grave in their inventory. Take the flight path back to Darkshire and continue the Morgan Ladimore storyline there. If adventurers have already reached level 24 and wish to skip ahead, the sister offers A [25] Rebels Without a Clue, a breadcrumb to Northern Stranglethorn.


Optional Breadcrumb: A [24] Part of the Pack

  1. A [24] The Yorgen Worgen & A [24] A Deadly Vine
  2. A [24] Delivery to Master Harris
  3. A [24] A Curse We Cannot Lift
  4. A [24] Cry For The Moon
  5. A [24] The Fate of Morbent Fel
  6. A [25] The Lurking Lich
  7. A [25] Guided by the Light
  8. A [25] The Halls of the Dead
  9. A [25] Buried Below
  10. A [25] Morbent's Bane

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