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Mordresh Fire Eye (Classic)

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For information about the modern encounter, see Mordresh Fire Eye.
BossMordresh Fire Eye
Image of Mordresh Fire Eye
Gender Male
Race Skeletal orc (Undead)
Level 45 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Bone Pile, Razorfen Downs
Status Killable

Mordresh Fire Eye is a level 45 elite skeleton mini-boss found in Razorfen Downs.

Dungeon Journal

Once an orc shaman sent from Orgrimmar to investigate the strange goings-on in Razorfen Downs, Mordresh was slain and remade into an undead servant of the Scourge. Deeming the elements to be unreliable, the lord of Razorfen Downs empowered Mordresh with blazing fel energies to sear the flesh of the living. In a mockery of his former calling as a spirital leader, Mordresh utilizes his powers to incite lesser undead into a violent frenzy.


Mordresh is one of the most entertaining fights players will encounter until 60. He stands on a pile of skulls and bones, dancing, with a load of non-elite mobs below him. The strategy is simple: AoE like crazy. It is possible to pull some of the skeletons away before engaging the boss.


  • Fireball Interruptible — Basic fire spell.
  • Blast Wave Interruptible — AoE fire spell.


Idle, to other skeletons
  • Mordresh Fire Eye says: We will spread across this barren land!
  • Mordresh Fire Eye says: We will enslave the quilboar!
  • Mordresh Fire Eye says: Soon, the Scourge will rule the world!
Mordresh Fire Eye yells: Slay them, my brethren! For the Scourge!


Notable Loot
Inv belt 24.png [Deathmage Sash] Inv misc orb 03.png [Glowing Eye of Mordresh]
Inv misc bone elfskull 01.png [Mordresh's Lifeless Skull]

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